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Xbox handheld leaks online, and I kinda want one now

Xbox handheld leaks online, and I kinda want one now

An Xbox handheld is reportedly in the works at Microsoft.

It seems as if everybody wants a piece of the handheld market, including Xbox if this latest leak is anything to go by.

When I say handheld console, I’m imagining your mind drifts to either the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. After all, they are the two dominant options in today’s current landscape.

Sony then entered the arena last year with its PlayStation Portal and while it does appear to be selling well, with stock quickly disappearing following each drop, it's not the true handheld that many of us were perhaps hoping for.

The PlayStation Portal is essentially a handheld streaming device meaning you need a base PlayStation 5 console in order to use it, a contrast to Sony’s previous devices including the PSP and Vita.

Rumours do suggest though that a handheld console of this ilk may be in the works. Sony isn’t the only company looking to this segment of the market though.

It’s now been suggested that Xbox is also working on a handheld device, the first of its kind for the company.

Take a look at the PlayStation Portal in action below.

This tidbit of news comes from Windows Central’s Jez Corden who, as reported by Neowin, has claimed that Xbox has internal prototypes for a “fully native” handheld device that does not rely on cloud streaming like the PlayStation Portal.

It goes without saying that just because this item has been prototyped, it doesn’t mean that it’ll necessarily come to market.

That being said, Phil Spencer has been teasing for quite some time now that it’s an area of the gaming space that Xbox is interested in delving into.

Commercially, it makes perfect sense. As for what the device might be named, look like, or what specifications it’ll boast, it is far too early to say.

It’s most definitely an exciting possibility. With the Steam Deck going from strength to strength and the Nintendo Switch 2 rumoured to be announced later this year, there’s a lot to look forward to in the world of handhelds.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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