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Xbox gamers can grab a major free bonus right now

Xbox gamers can grab a major free bonus right now

After the week Xbox has had, this is a welcome respite from the drama

It’s been a tough week for Xbox. Since the controversy over Xbox becoming a multi-platform brand, saying you're an Xbox fan is like declaring you kill kittens – you don’t want to do it. Also, don’t hurt precious kittens.

Fans flew into a fury, selling their Xbox consoles as a sign of annoyance that Microsoft likely won’t care too much about, but a stand was made all the same. If that wasn’t enough of a blemish on Xbox’s name, the divide caused by Halo heading to PlayStation only exacerbated the ill feelings towards the brand.

In short, it’s been a mare of a week Xbox would like to forget.

Have you watched the Halo season two official trailer yet? It's worth seeing even if you're not a fan

But in the dark there is always light to be found, with those desperate to remain loyal to the bitter end searching for a scrap of hope; hope they may have just found. Gamers yet to turn away from Xbox can gain access to a bonus freebie that’s worth suffering the potential heartache of losing Xbox as we know it.

In celebration of Paramount+ Halo season two, Xbox fans can score a free trial for the streaming service for free rather than paying $5.99 per month. As long as you’re a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, the 30 day free trial is yours to enjoy – merely register for a Paramount+ Essential or Showtime plan and voilà.

No, you won’t suddenly speak fluent French, but you will be able to see the “impressive” return of a series everyone thought was done for. Surely that’s enough for the tense atmosphere to dissipate a little…?

Before every Xbox user scrambles to unlock this free offer, we have to make clear that this is for US players only. As gamers from the UK, this tidbit of information saddens us, yet our feelings are unable to alter the facts.

Also worthy of note, is that your subscription to Paramount+ will auto renew once the trial is over, meaning you’ll be charged unless you cancel before those free 30 days are through.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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