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Xbox gamer made to choose new gamertag as Microsoft decides 'Satan Farted' no longer okay

Xbox gamer made to choose new gamertag as Microsoft decides 'Satan Farted' no longer okay

One Xbox gamer has been made to choose a new gamertag after Microsoft decided that 'Satan Farted' is no longer okay.

We all remember a time when picking a funny gamertag was the height of comedy. However, Microsoft has seemingly decided the joke is over by telling one Xbox user to change theirs.

In a recent Reddit post uploaded to the r/XboxSeriesX page, one user reveals that they received a warning from Microsoft saying their gamertag is no longer allowed and they must try a different one. This would be understandable in most circumstances but the user in question has had the same one for seven years. As a result, ‘Satan Farted’ is no longer deemed appropriate which has led to other users sharing their recommendations.

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It is understandable that Microsoft is cracking down on inappropriate gamertags as a result of some edge lords only experiencing happiness when they are spouting slurs online. However, as one comment says, “Claiming that Satan had gastric problems is no longer cool,” whilst others are trying to deduce whether Microsoft’s issues lay with the word “Satan" or the word “Farted”. One user even believes the reason is “because you’re not 12 anymore”. As you can probably guess, the situation has caused a bit of discourse on Reddit.

Xbox gamertags must be up to 12 characters, including spaces and can’t start with a number. One user claims the limit used to be 15 characters but this was changed around the same time the PC Game Pass was added. “To accommodate those new users, they changed it so you can pick any name now, but if it's already taken, you get random numbers at the end. Basically, to keep those numbers within the old 15 character limit, new gamertags have to be shorter”, they explained.

It remains to be seen if Satan Farted is going to appeal Microsoft’s decision but until then, they will have to get their thinking cap on.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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