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Xbox users can grab free store credit in new deal, technically

Xbox users can grab free store credit in new deal, technically

Who wants to save a few quid?

We all love free money, right? I mean, who wouldn't love buying video game goodies at no additional cost?

During the continued rise of digital media across video games, movies and TV, we can get instant access to the forms of entertainment that we love. Digital media also has the added benefit of sharing an account with family or close friends and in some cases, splitting the cost of a game saving a pretty penny.

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What’s more, when it comes to purchasing our desired digital media, it’s also nice when we can get a bonus discount off the initial cost, and this is where today’s deal comes into play.

Essentially, you’ll be saving money when buying a digital Xbox Gift Card. Meaning, you could look at it like saving money on money or in this instance, claiming $13 of free store credit. Well, kind of. Let us explain.

Newegg, a third-party seller on Amazon is offering a deal on $100 Xbox Gift Cards in which you can save $13. Simply add the $100 Xbox Gift Card to your basket and enter the code “SSCU3A56” during checkout to save 13% off the RRP. Basically, you’ll be getting $100 for $87.

When purchased, this gift card can then be redeemed on the Microsoft Store when purchasing video games, DLC, movies, TV, Xbox consoles and accessories, and much more. You can also redeem it directly on your Xbox console. The Xbox Gift Card will be sent to the email address attached to your Amazon account so that you can get spending pretty much straight away.

Obviously, this deal is exclusive to accounts in the United States, technically. After all, it is easy to switch regions on the Xbox console and if you’re able to purchase the $100 Xbox Gift Card from Amazon US, you will be able to redeem it on your Xbox console, regardless of where you’re located. Plus, you might even make an additional saving if currency conversion works in your favour.

However, just a word of warning, while the actual Xbox Gift Card doesn't have an expiry date, the deal from Newegg is only valid until the end of today. So be sure to take advantage of this offer now, before you miss out on saving a few quid.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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