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Xbox rumoured free download is one of gaming's most beloved titles

Xbox rumoured free download is one of gaming's most beloved titles

Get ready to saddle up, a banger is on its way to Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass could soon be gaining an all-time great, if this latest rumour is anything to go by.

Rockstar Games’ rootin’ tootin’ Red Dead Redemption is believed to be galloping its way onto the streaming service very soon.

Whilst no such announcement has been made by Microsoft nor Rockstar, dataminer Timtendo12 was able to find some compelling evidence.

As reported by The Loadout, Timtendo12 found a string of code in Red Dead’s website that said Red Dead Redemption was available on “Xbox Game Pass for Xbox one and Xbox Series X/S”.

It’s not, as of right now, all but confirming that this is something in the pipeline for Rockstar.

Timtendo12 also found mentions of the PlayStation 5, which makes you wonder whether it’ll also be landing on PlayStation Plus.

Take a look at the remastered Red Dead Redemption in action below.

It would be great timing for the latter. Red Dead Redemption 2 will join PlayStation Plus’ extra tier tomorrow, on 21 May.

Players are going to want to dive into its predecessor too.

There’s also the fact that Rockstar needs to maintain interest in the franchise whilst the focus is very much exclusively on the upcoming GTA VI - revealed to be coming in fall/autumn of next year.

Given the Red Dead franchise’s success, it’s likely we will see another instalment one day.

Adding the existing games to Game Pass and PlayStation Plus is a great way of making sure that when that eventually happens, players still care.

It may feel like everyone under the sun has sampled Red Dead in some capacity, but it’s simply not true.

Acquiring new players at this stage is a great way of securing franchise longevity.

Let’s hope those rumours are proven true soon. It would be great to once again revisit John Marston’s adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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