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Xbox fans urged to change these settings any time online services go down

Xbox fans urged to change these settings any time online services go down

You can thank us later

There’s nothing worse than online services kicking the bucket at the most inopportune moment.

Apparently, there’s a nifty little Xbox setting you can change to avoid the frustration this causes.

Considering that PlayStation has one distinct advantage over Xbox Series X/S, it’s nice to know that Xbox fans still have a reason to love their console.

Reddit user ominouswhoosh posted, “If you go OFFLINE in Settings > General > Network, you can play again.”

Say what now? We’re going to need a moment.

Now for something a little different; have you watched the latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer?

Before you get incredibly excited, this setting discovery comes with one vital additional piece of information.

As the OP further explained, “It does not work with games and apps that need to be connected, obviously. But at least you can play most single player games or watch a blu ray again… While they’re fixing this mess, hopefully.”

In short, it kind of tackles a pretty damning problem.

Best of all, you can go back online after signing in. “As noted in the comments, you can even go back online after, which should allow you to play most games that require to be online,” added ominouswhoosh.

While we agree that servers failing is an “irritating issue”, we also recognise that there’s always the chance they’ll fail for a multitude of reasons.

This is why having such a useful backup plan is worth its weight in gold.

Without the fear of our console tapping out with no way back, we can enjoy exploring new free games that are among our favourite experiences of 2023.

Don’t let your Xbox determine how you game – take back control by changing these settings to avoid sulking while you wait for the next major issue to sort itself out.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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