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Xbox boss confirms multiple exclusives headed to other platforms

Xbox boss confirms multiple exclusives headed to other platforms

Could we see major first-party Xbox exclusives come to other platforms soon?

Over the last week or so, rumours have been circulating the internet regarding the future of Xbox whether it will cease console production and bring a plethora of first-party titles to rival consoles.

Earlier this month an industry insider claimed that Microsoft is stepping away from hardware production and may even bring the likes of Halo, and Gears of War to consoles such as PlayStation 5. We’ve also heard conflicting reports that Microsoft is not ditching console production and has at least one new Xbox console in the works.

Check out the Starfield trailer below!

However, as reported by IGN journalist Shannon Liao, it’s claimed that Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently held an in-house town hall meeting with employees confirming that the green brand is considering bringing third-party franchises to platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Spencer did not confirm which of those franchises are currently under consideration. During the town hall meeting, Spencer allegedly confirmed that Microsoft will still produce Xbox consoles. Last week, Phil Spencer announced that recent rumours will be addressed publicly in the coming days.

In my humble opinion, I believe that the most likely scenario is that Bethesda-published titles such as Hi-Fi Rush, and Starfield, as well as the upcoming The Elder Scrolls VI and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, are most likely candidates to be multiplatform considering that Bethesda has a rich history with other platforms before Microsoft acquired the company for $7.5 billion.

“The company [Microsoft] held an internal Tuesday town hall where Spencer told employees that there were no plans to stop making consoles and that Xbox would continue to be part of a strategy that involves multiple kinds of devices,” claimed Liao in a tweet.

Of course, we should take all unconfirmed rumours with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. That being said, I am a firm believer in there being no smoke without fire, especially with rumours so recently rampant as those surrounding Microsoft and Xbox. Thankfully, at least, Phil Spencer will hopefully confirm all the recent rumours later this week either way.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony Interactive Entertainment

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