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Xbox unveils beautiful new hardware, officially dropping soon

Xbox unveils beautiful new hardware, officially dropping soon

We need this, right? Yeah, we need this, and so do you

We know we don’t need more hardware for our Xbox, but we want it.

Xbox players who like to customise their experience by purchasing hardware that reflects their interests and beloved franchises, a new piece of hardware is on its way.

Courtesy of Xbox Design Labs, Star Wars fans will be able to create their very own Star Wars Outlaws themed controllers.

We're excited to see where the Star Wars Outlaws story will take us after watching this

The upcoming Ubisoft game is dividing fans already, even more so since it was revealed a major mission would be locked behind DLC.

For all the gamers excited to play this sci-fi epic, there are just as many not bothered about it.

If you’re one of those cheering on this action-adventure to be the success we all long for it to be, what better way to show your loyalty than with some theme controllers.

The tweet detailing this new hardware showcases two presets, both reflective of the aesthetic and palette of the game.

“You can use these presets when you order customised controllers to explore a galaxy full of opportunity!” Xbox posted.

These “cool looking” pieces of kit are coming to a galaxy near you very soon.

But which one will you choose?

It’s a question Xbox asked its users, to which someone responded, “Excellent question LOL. I think I’d honestly have to go standard; I really really like that color scheme for sure.”

Not everyone is thrilled about the reveal, though; some have said that the controllers are “bland”. Furthermore, that you wouldn’t be able to tell the theme without the Star Wars Outlaws image used in the announcement.

Maybe these aren’t the most unique pieces of hardware, but they’re still beautiful, gosh darn it.

Treat yourselves today so that you're ready for the for the next Star Wars instalment when it launches later this year. Go on, you’ve earned it.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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