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Life Is Strange: Double Exposure announced at Xbox Showcase, launching this year

Life Is Strange: Double Exposure announced at Xbox Showcase, launching this year

The game will be released in October

The fourth game in the Life is Strange series, Life Is Strange: Double Exposure, has been revealed.

The title is launching on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch later this year, and appears to be a full game rather than the episodic games found in the first two titles in the series. The last game, Life is Strange True Colors, was also released in one, so if that title is anything to by, then we’ll be able to play from start to finish in one sitting.

Take a look at the game's brand new reveal trailer below.

This is the first game in the Life is Strange series to have a returning protagonist in the form of original game protagonist Max Caulfield, though we don’t actually know the impact that will have on the series. Will this game acknowledge the events of the previous game or not? And if the previous game is canon, then there’s some questions raised. Does Max still have the powers she had in her debut? Or are her new powers that let her traverse alternate timelines all she has?

A very interesting thing to consider is that all of the expanded universe media for the original game consider the ending in which Chloe survives as canon, and follow events that happen after the main game. So it’ll be extremely interesting to see whether or not the actual game considers that canon, and whether Chloe will show up or not. If not, and the ending where Chloe dies is canon, then we might see characters from the town that Max grew up in appear, since that town wasn’t destroyed in the ending where Chloe died.

Either way, more details on the game are being revealed next week at a separate gameplay showcase on 13 June, so we'll likely get the answers we're waiting for there, and details on how the game will be released.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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