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Life Is Strange 3: Aperture appears online, is direct sequel to the first game

Life Is Strange 3: Aperture appears online, is direct sequel to the first game

Life Is Strange 3: Aperture was reportedly once in the works at Square Enix, according to one fan who participated in a focus group.

One Life Is Strange fan claims to have seen evidence that Life Is Strange 3 was once in the works, subtitled Aperture.

If you’ve yet to sample the delightful Life Is Strange series, I would strongly urge you to. Life Is Strange, Life Is Strange 2, and Life Is Strange: True Colors are all available to play via PlayStation Plus’ extra tier. Unfortunately, the franchise departed Xbox Game Pass midway through last year. True Colors was the last mainline entry released in the series, landing back in 2021, but fans have since got to enjoy the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection. There’s no denying though that there’s a clear appetite amongst the fanbase for more. Well, according to one insider, Life Is Strange 3 was in the works.

Take a look at Life Is Strange: True Colors in action below.

This tidbit of information was originally brought to light by a now-deleted Reddit user, and highlighted again by fellow user KryzeHD. The OP claimed that Life Is Strange 3 was teased in a survey sent out to certain players a few years ago. They wrote that it was pitched as a “direct sequel” to the original game, set 10 years later.

“Max teaches photography at a college in a small town and hasn't used her power since the end of LiS. It follows the timeline where Chloe dies. During a walk through the park late at night, Max comes across a dead student of hers and contemplates whether or not to use her power to figure out who committed the crime,” added the OP, saying that the title Aperture was mentioned by Square Enix.

The survey reportedly also featured concept art of an aged-up Max, in addition to possible apartments you could own and customise. Reportedly, there was even a side quest that involved you adopting a cat. The survey was seemingly to get a feel for how players would feel about microtransactions and possible “live-service” elements. The OP concluded by writing, “It seemed very promising and everyone that participated in the Zoom, including me, were very excited for it.”

It’s totally unknown whether the idea remains in the works or whether Square Enix scrapped the project in favour of something else. That would undeniably be a shame as it sounds like it could’ve been another solid entry in the franchise.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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