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Halo 7 new teaser is one for all you OG fans

Halo 7 new teaser is one for all you OG fans

The Covenant won't know what's hit it

If you’ve been holding out for Halo to return to its glory days, consider this Halo 7 teaser your reward. It isn’t much, but it’ll instil more confidence in you regarding the direction of the new game.

For good or ill, we can’t ignore Halo; our devotion might often bite us in the butt, but sometimes our patience pays off.

As spotted by eagle eyed fans, a new lead game designer has joined 343 Industries to help with Halo 7.

Let's remember the heady days of the Halo 2: Anniversary cinematic trailer.

The name Dan Gniady might not be well known to you, but their work likely is; having worked on Destiny 2, as well as collaborating on Halo Wars 2, Gniady feels like the perfect person to take charge.

In their updated work profile, we see a reference that's sure to get OG fans salivating. It reads, “Giving the Covenant their bomb back”.

This is thrilling enough, but then Gniady posted an image of them with Atriox, arguably one of the most intimidating villains of the franchise. The image caption reads, “He’s not so big.”

It could be a red herring, or it could be hinting at an upcoming fight between Atriox and Master Chief.

Alongside the speculation this has triggered, there’s also rumours circulating that claim the new game will bring back the series’ creator.

All of these quiet teases are adding to the hype; however, fans aren’t ready to wait it out until Halo 7 launches.

“Wake me up in [three to four] years,” joked Redditor joevsyou, to which someone else added, “For the announcement teaser.”

Other quips about the upcoming title came too, though these are more barbed; “So, they’re planning on rebooting again? I’m sure fourth time is the charm for 343i,” remarked one fan.

Fans are desperate for Halo to hit its stride once more, but they’re not certain this latest teaser proves that’ll happen.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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