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Gears of War 6 reveal could drop next month, teases insider

Gears of War 6 reveal could drop next month, teases insider

Get ready to rev up those Lancers!

The Gears of War franchise is one of Microsoft’s biggest properties but in recent years, news of the chainsaw-wielding franchise has been a little quiet, at least officially.

Not including the 2020 strategy spin-off, Gears Tactics, the last time we’ve had a mainline entry in the series is Gears 5 which was initially released in 2019 for PC and Xbox One, before receiving a free new-gen update for Xbox Series X/S the following year.

Check out the Gears 5 trailer below!

Without giving too much away, Gears 5 left us dangling on quite the cliffhanger in a story arc that began with Gears 4 in 2016 and centred around Kait Diaz. So it makes sense that we’ll get a trilogy of that story that focuses on Kait with the expected arrival of Gears 6, plus its Gears of War and it will always make money for Microsoft.

What’s more, rumours of a new game in the series have been circulating the internet for a while, whether related to Gears 6 or remasters inspired by Halo: The Master Chief Collection with a bundle of games starring Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baid. However, the most recent rumour claims that Gears 6 could be officially revealed as early as next month by Microsoft and developer The Coalition.

Windows Central journalist Jez Corden claims that not only could Gears 6 be revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase next month on 9 June, but the remastered collection of the original trilogy could take centre stage in an epic combo announcement.

While details on Gears 6 are vague at this time, we know that it will likely continue Kait’s story, but it is believed that its combat will focus more on melee than previous entries. Yet, the rumoured remastered collection has no mention of the 2013 spin-off Gears of War: Judgment starring Damon Baird, though just like the Halo collection, new Gears games can be added at a later date.

Of course, these are all rumours at this point, so we should take them with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. That being said, it will shock no one if Microsoft makes some new Gears of War announcements in due course.

The entire Gears of War series is available on Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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