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Fallout: New Vegas dev's upcoming fantasy RPG fixes one of Skyrim's biggest problems

Fallout: New Vegas dev's upcoming fantasy RPG fixes one of Skyrim's biggest problems

We're relieved to see that Skyrim's biggest flaw is being sorted

Xbox’s Developer Direct 2024 wowed us last night, not least of all because we finally got to see just how amazing Indy looks in the upcoming MachineGames game. However, for some of us here at GAMINGbible, we were excited to see a special RPG has to offer.

From the developers of everyone’s favourite Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas, comes Avowed. We’ve known it’s been in the works for sometime, but seeing Obsidian Entertainment give us a more in-depth view really solidified our excitement for this game.

Don't forget to watch the Avowed overview!

What is more, it shows that the devs are eager to address one of Skyrim’s biggest faults, a sentence I dislike writing but one that’s true nonetheless. As much as we all herald Bethesda’s Skyrim as one of the greats, its combat was too hack n’ slash for my liking, and many other fans’ as well.

Avowed looks set to change that, offering a “flexible combat system” allowing you to make quick decisions to “quickly swap from spellcasting and sharpshooting to melee combat”. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

“It’s not just hacking and slashing,” promised the devs, “you’re making real-time decisions about when to use your abilities, powerful melee attacks, blocks, parries, and special attacks.” It’ll give players a more hands-on, authentic feel to the action they face, with its first-person perspective only adding to the sense of control we’ll feel.

Xbox’s exclusive RPG is shaping up to be a monumental extravaganza into the possibilities of the RPG genre, one which we think should later how Xbox is regarded by its rivals. After how Starfield has fared, Microsoft is in need of a win when it comes to console exclusives.

And us gamers are in need of something to ignite our imagination similar to The Elder Scrolls, with Avowed seeming to be the game to do it.

Featured Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

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