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Fallout players will finally soon be able to play as a Ghoul, Bethesda announces

Fallout players will finally soon be able to play as a Ghoul, Bethesda announces

You'll be able to play as a Ghoul in the new Fallout 76 expansion

It’s time to head back out into the wasteland. Fallout 76 is soon getting its first ever map expansion, Skyline Valley.

If you’ve been swept up in the Fallout love since the Amazon Prime show debuted and are playing the MMO action game, you’ll now have a brand new area to rummage through.

Walk the wasteland as a Ghoul in Fallout 76's new expansion.

From what we saw at tonight's Xbox Games Showcase, it appears we’ll also get to see a new vault - Vault 63.

Who knows what this new area has in store for us, but you know there will be plenty of opportunities for new loot and chances to raid outposts with friends.

Perhaps the biggest news revealed is the fact that players can now play as the wasteland Ghouls, so if you loved The Ghoul in the show, you can now play as your version of him.

Ghouls have always been a big part of the Fallout universe having appeared in every single game. Now you'll finally be able to walk the wasteland in their shoes. For new and older players, this coming expansion won't just let you take on the Ghouls, but we're off to explore a whole new map and from what we saw during the showcase, it's looking to stand apart from Appalachia.

We're sure to see a whole lot of new content here, you can bet we'll get new weapons, outpost customisation, outfits, and likely some new items too. While it'll still be a while before we can venture into Skyline Valley or the new vault, there's sure to be more details revealed over the coming months.

Whether Microsoft timed this to coincide with the hype of the TV show and the resurgence of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, it's hard to say but we're eager for more.

Playable Ghouls will land next year in 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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