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Xbox gamers surprised with free store credit

Xbox gamers surprised with free store credit

Check your balance

Some Xbox gamers are claiming free store credit as a special treat from Microsoft Rewards, see if you can do the same.

While Microsoft Rewards is slowly on its way out, and to be replaced by a new rewards scheme on Xbox, you can still claim loads of points and rewards from the program until it’s gone.

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There are a lot of great games out at the moment, and plenty more to come following the latest PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo showcase events, meaning any and all discounts on the latest releases is always greatly appreciated.

For Xbox fans, the best way to do this is rack up points with Xbox and Microsoft Rewards, which can be easily done through playing games, making purchases, answering quizzes and more.

However some users have noted that they’re being given 500 points to celebrate five years of being active on the Microsoft Rewards app.

This was shown off on Reddit by user hungryhippos1751 who shared a screenshot of their points, only achievable if you signed up to the program exactly five years ago.

Others said they’d received the same freebie, so it might be worth checking your account to see if you’ve also got the bonus points too.

That being said, 500 points for five years of loyalty is pretty poor when all is considered, as you need about 5,000+ points to get a mere £5 Xbox gift card.

Nevertheless it all adds up in the long run I suppose, so it’s worth claiming if and when you can.

If for whatever reason you don’t get your 500 points, worry not, as I’m sure it’ll get added to your balance eventually and hopefully when you need it most.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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