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The Star Wars Outlaws droid is hot, I get it now

The Star Wars Outlaws droid is hot, I get it now

He's attractive, you can't deny it

After playing Star Wars Outlaws at Summer Game Fest, I fully understand the thirst for ND-5.

Star Wars Outlaws is quickly approaching its August release date, and fans across the world can’t wait to experience the life of a Star Wars scoundrel, presumably far away from those convoluted force plots and lightsaber wielding maniacs.

Check out the latest trailer for Star Wars Outlaws below

However, while the stunning planets, exhilarating space and land combat, and of course the sci-fi Uncharted vibes are all exciting, a surprising development from those initial trailers was how hot the droid character was

Joining protagonist Kay Vess on your adventure will be the assertive and sarcastic commando droid ND-5. Rocking his sweet long-coat and kicking ass in the game’s trailers, ND-5 quickly became a hot topic amongst fans, many of which thirsted over him pretty hard.

During my play session with Star Wars Outlaws I was treated to a small snippet of ND-5 in action, both during an exciting escape scene as well as hearing his voice of Kay’s comms. Although my introduction to the character was short-lived, he completely stole the show for me.

After my play session I got to sit down with Cloe Hammoud (Associate World Director) & Marthe Jonkers (Associate Art Director) to talk more about Star Wars Outlaws, and I just had to bring up the fan reaction to ND-5, and whether it was an intentional decision to make him weirdly attractive.

Turns out it wasn’t the intention, but the team behind the game have adored all the love for ND-5, saying “no one in the team expected that reaction, we were really surprised with the players’ and viewers’ reaction [ND-5]”

They went on to explain the task of injecting personality into a droid, giving him his coat, battle-scars, and promising we’ll learn more about him in the full game, finishing their thoughts with “I’m super happy with how well he was received.”

ND-5 could very well become one of my favourite characters in Star Wars media, and I can’t wait to see more of him when Star Wars Outlaws drops this August.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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