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The Simpsons Hit And Run 2 sounds like everything we ever dreamed of

The Simpsons Hit And Run 2 sounds like everything we ever dreamed of

What a shame...

We could have had Simpsons: Hit And Run 2, and it sounds like it would have been absolutely incredible.

The Simpsons Hit And Run is one of the best games from the PlayStation 2/original Xbox era, and the gold standard for a game adapted from a TV series.

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It’s basically Grand Theft Auto but with characters from The Simpsons, with loads of vehicles to drive and an open world map of Springfield to explore, featuring plenty of iconic locations and references to the TV series.

It was a smash-hit, and there are still calls to have the game remade for modern platforms, with some fans even doing it themselves with mod tools.

Yet despite its success it never became a full-on series, but how could that be when surely all you’d have to do is increase the size of the map and add more things to do?

According to an interview by MinnMax on YouTube, a sequel and additional games after it were planned but unfortunately never happened.

It’s a shame too because according to the developers it would have far exceeded the previous game in terms of scale, adding “airships and planes” to the mix as well as additional cars.

Apparently a deal couldn’t be reached for additional titles, which the devs found baffling considering the success of the game and how much fans wanted a sequel.

Luckily very little work had been actually done before the plug was pulled, with no story or playable builds done, but it was still a shock to the developers that they wouldn’t be able to continue the series.

The Simpsons Hit And Run 2 could have been the start of a multi-game series that could have only gotten better with each new entry, and hopefully one day a new game, or at least a remaster/remake gets the green light.

Featured Image Credit: Vivendi Universal Games

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