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Terminator Survivors open-world horror officially announced, coming this year

Terminator Survivors open-world horror officially announced, coming this year

As if Judgement Day wasn't scary enough

We had a sneaking suspicion that an official announcement was coming, but there's nothing quite like the validation of having your suspicions confirmed.

It was only a few days ago that we gave you an update on Terminator Survivors, reminding you all that it's in development and going ahead, despite all the radio silence. Today, we can say it's (finally) been officially announced.

Watch what happened after Judgement Day in the Terminator Survivors 'The Aftermath' trailer

For those who remember, the game was first teased back in 2022; it's been a long road to get to this point. This action fuelled journey will take place after Judgement Day, and will open up for early access on Steam in October 2024.

Arguably, the allure of this Nacon creation is the fact that it can be played alone or with friends – there's nothing like being hunted by Skynet's killer machines to bring the gang back together.

If you're worried that this will change canonical lore, fear not, for the developers assure us that Terminator Survivors is "true to the legend". This not only means you won't see key moments from the franchise's history erased, but you'll also bump into some iconic and familiar characters.

This "meticulously crafted world" demands that you be the one to discover the truth, though what that truth could be, and if it's much worse than the damage Skynet's already done, we don't know. We assume so – what could be worse than killer robots, right?

You might be able to change humanity's fate, but you might not. There's a lot riding on your efforts, so many it's a good thing that this open-world horror experience isn't ready quite yet. You lot need time to prepare. However, October will soon be here (sorry, but it will), so you'd better start prepping for Dooms Day because it's coming if Skynet is involved.

Featured Image Credit: Nacon

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