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Wholesome Stardew Valley vibes abound in this free Steam download

Wholesome Stardew Valley vibes abound in this free Steam download

This wholesome game gives us Stardew Valley vibes and you can download it now for free via Steam

There are not many games that are quite as chilled as indie darling Stardew Valley but another contender has made its way onto Steam and you can download it for free now.

Actually, I can think of one other super chill game and that’s Unpacking from indie studio Witch Beam. Honestly, that game is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Anyway, let’s get back on track, shall we? The game that is the topic of today’s discussion is called Tell Me Your Story, and it’s coming to PC and Nintendo Switch soon.

Check out the Tell Me Your Story trailer below!

Developed by indie studio RedDeer.Games, Tell Me Your Story looks like a game that I know will appeal to several members of our team. “Uncover Grandma Rose’s extraordinary stories along with Amelia, all hidden in multiple cosy puzzles spread around the world. Dive into globetrotter adventures, discover granny’s treasures, and relax along the way,” reads the description on the Steam store.

“Meet Amelia, a schoolgirl with a vivid imagination, who’s going on her summer vacation to her grandma Rose’s cottage – her loyal best friend, Peanut, in tow. This is where Rose had settled to find inner peace in her old age after the life she’s had…What made her life so special, you ask?” the game description continues.

“Rose is not an ordinary grandmother – she has a home full of wondrous items and stories to tell. All her life she was a globetrotter, an adventurer – like Indiana Jones in a skirt, but with less whips and dangerous artefacts to deal with.”

Tell Me Your Story doesn't have a solid release date at the time of writing, but we do know that it will be released on PC at some point this year. In the meantime, you can not only add it to your wishlist but you can download and play its free demo on Steam and the Nintendo eShop now.

Featured Image Credit: RedDeer.Games

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