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Steam's latest free game just landed with rave reviews and staggering player numbers

Steam's latest free game just landed with rave reviews and staggering player numbers

It's literally a banana

I can’t believe I’m writing about a game where all you do is click a JPEG of a banana, but here we are, in a world of bizarre games on Steam that feel like they should come from Roblox.

Thousands of players are sitting at their PCs and clicking the mouse on a static picture of a banana. The game is called Banana, if you want to try it for yourself. Though let me explain more.

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So, it really is as simple as stated above. Banana is a ‘game’ where you click an image of a banana and a tally counts up your clicks. It’s not really a game, let’s be honest, but it does gamify certain aspects of Steam.

You may be wondering why people, literally thousands of people, are playing this. Steam items. There’s your answer.

Steam items are different from the usual trading cards, though, like trading cards, they can be bought and sold through Steam and have a whole ‘stock market’ vibe going on.

You can buy low, sell high, and try to fill your Steam wallet with cash, ready for the next big sale.

Banana offers two free Steam items per day for simply clicking the image. You can then sell these items for real money to collectors.

Most of the items are worth only a few pennies, however some, like the diamond banana, can sell for around £75. So, nobody’s really playing the game to experience an image of a banana, there’s one at the top of this article if you like bananas that much.

Essentially, people are playing in the hope of landing a big money item which can then be sold to fund other games. This trend started with a game called, unsurprisingly, Egg, which had the same concept. It’s a bizarre trend, but it's worth checking out if you like bananas, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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