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Steam's latest free download is PT on steroids, and we're terrified

Steam's latest free download is PT on steroids, and we're terrified

Fans of P.T. will want to check out the demo for upcoming horror puzzler Chiyo.

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s P.T. has reached cult classic status, despite it being so dang hard to get your hands on. Well, if you’re looking for a P.T. style gaming fix, you may want to check out the brand new demo for upcoming escape room horror Chiyo.

It’s a shame that the vision put forth in P.T. was never fully realised. Quite literally meaning ‘playable teaser’, the short release was a tease for Silent Hills - a new entry in the Silent Hill series being worked on by Kojima and Del Toro. If you haven’t played P.T., you’re essentially tasked with escaping a haunted suburban house. That leads me nicely onto Nimbus Games’ upcoming Chiyo which is certain to scratch the P.T. itch as it sees you attempt to escape an abandoned mansion.

Take a look at the trailer for Chiyo below.

The synopsis reads, “Play as Idate Chiyo, a newly recruited paranormal investigator of the Tokugawa Shogunate's Magical Arcane Division, tasked with her first assignment to investigate some strange occurrences reported to have originated from an abandoned mansion on the forested interior of the small coastal city of Gōtsu in Shimane Prefecture. Within the mansion, Chiyo encounters strange and malevolent spirits, devious contraptions and puzzles and a dark family history that will threaten her survival.”

Played from a first-person perspective, Chiyo certainly looks as if it’ll send a shiver or two down your spine. The game is set during Japan’s Edo era. You’ll be able to activate supernatural abilities, but keep a watchful eye on the ghosts “haunting your every step”. The game reportedly boasts an engaging storyline - and it’s set in the same universe as Malice, if you played the 2022 release. While Malice was a tad rough around the edges, Chiyo is seemingly shaping up nicely, with devs tweaking their formula.

The game is thought to release later this year but in the meantime, a free demo is available to download and enjoy now. Dive in, if you dare.

Featured Image Credit: SCRYsoft

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