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Steam users shouldn't miss out on $40 of free credit, up for grabs now

Steam users shouldn't miss out on $40 of free credit, up for grabs now

Steam users have the opportunity to bag some free Steam credit thanks to two fantastic giveaways, running right now.

Well done everyone. January, arguably the dullest month of the year, is over - and to kick off February in style, I’d like to make you aware of two fantastic giveaways that you can partake in right now.

You may be familiar with the drill if you’re a regular user of Steam. Steam isn’t simply a treasure trove of the latest AAA releases. There are thousands of indie delights for you to discover too. Many will draw your attention via free demos but others choose to opt for the giveaway method - and free credit is always going to be music to our ears. Upcoming releases Star Vaders and Pesticide Not Required have both partnered up with the excellent SteamGamesPC on Twitter - a great account to follow - to reward two prospective players with a generous freebie.

Speaking of Steam delights, we’re very much looking forward to checking out the upcoming Pine Hearts.

I’ll begin with the Pesticide Not Required giveaway where you could win $20 of Steam credit. To enter, follow both SteamGamesPC and Jampacked_Games on Twitter, wishlist and follow Pesticide Not Required on Steam, retweet and like the giveaway tweet - and you’re done. It's that simple. This giveaway runs until 4 February. If you’re interested, Pesticide Not Required is an upcoming top-down shooter that sees you take on the role of a frog tasked with overcoming a number of insectoid foes.

The Star Vaders giveaway is even simpler, and $20 is also up for grabs here. Simply wishlist Star Vaders on Steam in addition to retweeting and liking the giveaway tweet. Seemingly, there’s no ‘following’ involved. This one runs until 5 February, so you have slightly longer to enter. Star Vaders blends deckbuilding with grid-based tactics.

If that’s not enough for you, you can check out the six latest free-to-play delights to land on the Steam storefront. That should provide plenty of entertainment this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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