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Steam users can grab multiple DLC packs for free for a limited time

Steam users can grab multiple DLC packs for free for a limited time

Steam users can grab multiple DLC packs with heaps of free collectibles for free for a limited time right now.

Steam is the gift that keeps giving with the Valve storefront offering users the chance to get their hands on multiple DLC packs for free for a limited time.

First released back in 2019, Minion Masters is “an addictive fast-paced hybrid of card games and tower-defence" by the developers at BetaDwarf.

Whether you play 1v1 or in epic online multiplayer tournaments, you will be able to use innovative strategy and bizarre plays in order to come out on top all whilst collecting up to 200+ unique cards.

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“The realm's greatest Masters face off in a never-ending conflict for glory,” reads the Steam synopsis. “Will you play Control, Aggressive, Swarm or Giant Minions? Choose a Master matching your playstyle and build the best deck to overthrow your opponents in short intense real-time games!”

Not only can you download Minion Masters for free but Steam is now giving players the chance to get their hands on four DLCs for the TCG, all at no cost.

The Minion Masters - Arise!, Minion Masters - Mountain Song, Minion Masters - Frostbite and Minion Masters - Zealous Inferno DLCs are now free on Steam until 24 April. With the DLCs adding heaps of extra collectible content, this is not a deal to miss out on.

Minion Masters - Arise! adds a “+300% value bundle” to the base game as well as the formidable Morellia the Lich Queen. Minion Masters - Mountain Song also adds the same value bundle to empower your clan.

Additionally, Minion Masters - Frostbite adds brand-new cards, avatars and power for your undead army and finally, the Zealous Inferno DLC is a “Faction box” which will enable you to expand your ever-growing faction collection.

With the base game and all four DLCs currently available for free, this is the perfect time to collect your cards and battle it out in Minion Masters this April.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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