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Steam adds incredibly useful feature that will help users save money

Steam adds incredibly useful feature that will help users save money

We're loving this new Steam feature

A new update to Steam is going to make it even easier for you to save some extra cash when you’re browsing the store.

As reported on Reddit, a user noticed that when they were shopping for games, they saw a notification on the ‘Add to Cart’ tab saying, “A member of your Steam family already owns this game.”

Many games benefit from Steam early access and Baldur's Gate 3 was one of them.

Being in a Steam Family with close friends or relatives means you can play each others games for no extra cost, while still earning your achievements and saving your progress.

It’s a handy little feature that will prevent players from buying a game that is already available to them through the Steam Family function, saving yourself a few quid.

Redditors on the thread seem to be thrilled at the inclusion with one saying, “That’s actually sick af, very considerate of them.”

Another user pointed out that this feature has been suggested by the community previously, “I remember someone on this sub suggested this feature not so long ago. Its cool that they listened to this guy.”

It’s being called a “bro move” and users are celebrating Gabe Newell in the time-honoured meme ways of old saying, “Based GabeN doing based GabeN things.” And this other Gabe comment made me chuckle, “Alright, we need to develop an immortality elixir for GabeN and his staff.”

Valve is always trying new things with the Steam storefront and many of them are positive steps in the right direction proving why so many make Steam their first port of call when buying games.

Steam is a great ecosystem for gamers and developers with early access, achievements, various customisation options, a handheld devoted to the store, and features like Steam Family. Of course, who could forget the seasonal sales that save us money and fill out our backlogs, too?

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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