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Steam's second most popular game is totally free to play, available now

Steam's second most popular game is totally free to play, available now

This game is riding high in the Steam charts

There is a free-to-play game sitting at the number two spot on Steam’s charts and it’s both a bizarre and an engaging opportunity.

Banana - yes, that’s the name - is a game, but it also kind of isn’t. Stay with me here and I’ll tell you all about it.

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You may have seen rumblings on social media about this free-to-play game called Banana. It’s a ‘game’ where all you do is click a JPEG of a banana repeatedly.

I hear you big dog, you’re saying, “Why the heck would I play that?" Well, the reason many are putting so many hours into this title is for items.

You see, Steam has an item marketplace where users can collect digital images (no, they’re not NFTs) and trade them with others. You can also sell them. You might see where I’m going here.

Banana offers players a set number of these items every day, ranging from simple JPEGs of a plain old ‘nana to images of diamond bananas.

You can then sell these on the marketplace and make yourself some Steam credit. You’ll get a few pennies for a boring old yellow banana, but the rarer ones go for just under 100 bucks.

Because the items you get are random, people are ‘playing’ in order to find the rarities and sell them on to collectors.

It’s an odd premise that was started some years ago by a game called Egg. Yep, Egg.

While this isn’t the latest battle royale or zombie adventure game, it’s still a game and people are playing it enough to become a Steam highlight.

Whether you invest your time into playing Banana is up to you. It’s all pretty legit as Steam gets a portion of each sale, so they will need it to be legal. Whether you consider it a game or not is also up to you.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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