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Steam adds new 'open-world' freebies you can download and keep now

Steam adds new 'open-world' freebies you can download and keep now

Steam free downloads are available now!

Steam users can claim some free downloads right now inspired by your average open-world adventure games.

Nowadays open-world titles like Ghost Of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 are a dime-a-dozen, meaning there’s something for everyone to play if they’re in the mood to explore a vast vast environment.

There’s no better time to check out Ghost Of Tushsima if you haven’t already by the way, especially since its glorious port to PC

Loads and loads and loads of these games are available on Steam right now. Some, if not all, of them run great on Steam Deck too, and let me tell you playing Elden Ring on the go is a wild experience I’d recommend to anyone.

So to celebrate open-world games and their place on Valve’s digital storefront, Steam users are being treated to several bonus freebies.

Right now you can grab three of these digital gifts, including an animated avatar, an animated frame and an animated sticker.

All are themed around open-world survival games, like Minecraft for example, with the avatar being a collection of tools and resources you’d find or craft out in the wild, like a trusty pickaxe, some grub and other materials.

The animated frame is made up of bricks and stone and other materials you’d build a homestead with, and the sticker is typically the rarest of in-game resources, a sparkling diamond.

All three are free to download and add to your profile, and are just a fun way of making your account stand out from the crowd.

Of course if none of them pique your interest that’s perfectly fine, as Steam regularly hands out these freebies, or you can spend Steam Points to acquire your own from the digital store.

Granted I’m sure the majority of Steam users would prefer a free open-world game rather than digital icons inspired by those games, but it’s the thought that counts eh?

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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