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Steam gamers have till 3 June to download a ton of free open world games

Steam gamers have till 3 June to download a ton of free open world games

So many incredible games to choose from

Gather around, one and all. Steam’s Open World Survival Crafting Fest is now underway, granting users access to an array of open world titles.

How, I hear you ask? Via a generous library of demos, of course.

Such events allow indie developers to highlight titles you may not be familiar with and the best way to lure potential players in is with a free sample of what you can expect in the full release.

The Open World Survival Crafting Fest, needless to say, highlights games that fall within the aforementioned titular category.

It runs until 3 June so you have ample time to check out its various offerings, several of which I’m going to highlight for you today.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 the best open-world game of all-time? Many would say so.

You may want to check out Miju Games’ Planet Crafter, which is exactly what it sounds like. If you enjoy Starfield’s outpost building component, think that but on a planet-wide scale.

It’s got Overwhelmingly Positive reviews from players, which is always a good sign.

“A space survival open world terraforming crafting game, designed for one to 10 players,” reads the description.

“Alter the ecosystem of an inhospitable planet to render it habitable for humanity. Survive, gather resources, and build your base. Then, generate oxygen, warmth, and pressure to create a brand new biosphere.”

Pathless Woods takes a more cosy aesthetic approach. Developed by AniYa Games Studio, this one takes inspiration from ancient China.

“Gather resources, cultivate crops, build your dream home, and defend it from marauders. Team up with friends to explore and uncover a world where adventure meets serenity,” teases the synopsis.

Guardians of the Sanctree is leading the way when it comes to downloads.

Developed by HuCang Studio, this title sees you assume the role of a bird, building your base within the trunk of a tree to fortify against invading insects.

It also boasts a very wholesome aesthetic and unlike some of the other titles mentioned, doesn’t launch in full until later this year.

The same can be said for Mirthwood which is part Skyrim, part Stardew Valley. Craft your cosy base within a medieval fantasy world.

“Will you settle a new homestead to live a life of farming and trade, or pick up the sword and take up the adventurers' path?” the game asks.

These are just four examples but there are hundreds of games available to play so do have a peruse.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, AniYa Games Studio

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