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Steam: grab one of the best narrative-driven adventure games of all time for $1

Steam: grab one of the best narrative-driven adventure games of all time for $1

Humble Bundle offering up one of the best games ever

Humble Bundle is often a great source for some amazing games. Their charity bundles vary greatly, but normally showcase brilliant titles for very little money. The bundles offer a chance for players to grab great games while supporting those in need.

In this recent Black Friday bundle, players can support Child's Play charity and land a brilliant collection of games, too. One of which is perhaps one the best narratively driven games of all-time in The Walking Dead Season One from Telltale games.

One of the best games of all-time, The Walking Dead from Telltale Games had players hearts breaking.

What makes this bundle stand out is the cost of The Walking Dead Season One when bought on its own. If you just want this classic adventure you only need to part ways with less than a dollar. This deal is packed with value given that the game is not only brilliant, but it's a story that will pull you in for several hours and rivals the TV show for drama.

If you're after the whole bundle, you'll score some great games, including more of Telltale's Walking Dead games, but you'll also get Wrestlequest which is a brilliant RPG set within the golden age of wrestling. You can also play Rainbow Billy which is a wonderful and colourful 2.5D platformer, or The Big Con, a superb adventure game filled with plenty of humour. For the full bundle, you will pay a minimum of £16.03, though there is no limit to what you give for these games and donate to charity.

The bundle ends in 10 days and offers several tiers of support which grant you access to Steam copies of all the games. Once you have paid you will find Steam codes for each game in your emails or Humble Bundle account.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Telltale Games

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