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Steam free game: download one of 2024's best looking games now

Steam free game: download one of 2024's best looking games now

2024 can't quite come soon enough now we've seen the beauty of this game

This year might still have some gorgeous games to offer us, but one of 2024’s best looking games is available right now, for free.

Europa is an upcoming game from Helder Pinto, and will be published by Future Friends Games, who have also published Exo One, Omno, and Festival Tycoon. Although its catalogue is small compared to the bigger names in the business, this indie publisher consistently gets positive feedback on its titles.

Homesick for Europa? Then watch the demo trailer.

Right now, Europa is short on reviews due to it not being officially out yet. However, from what we’ve seen so far of this Steam title, it looks sensational. It’s got some Studio Ghibli vibes, animation wise, but with a subtle watercolour effect that makes you feel like you’re watching a moving painting. Beyond its exceptional good looks, there’s a lot of exploration to be had, but with a soothing tone for those who long for cosy atmospheres above all else.

“Beautiful, expansive environments are the order of the day here, made all the more pleasant to explore by way of your ability to fly (or at least glide). I love these flow-state games,” shared one of the Steam curators who’ve had a chance to delve into the features of the gameplay already. No, it’s not quite the full review PC players want, but early indications are extremely positive, and there’s still a while before its launch.

If you’re now in the mood to explore the wonders of pixelated beauties, a Steam game, which is also available on PlayStation Plus, is sending fans wild over just how good it looks. Consider Sea of Stars the game to tide you over and fill the void you have in your heart for a game that looks amazing, plays well, and has a big personality.

Before you totally lose your minds, no, the release date for Europa hasn’t changed; although Europa is free on Steam right now, it’s only the demo that’s free and not the entire game. Still, being able to lose yourself in the whimsy of the demo is not to be sniffed at, because we’re certain this game is going to deliver when it comes out in 2024.

If you’re looking to download the demo, just keep in mind that it’s only supported by Microsoft Windows, meaning Mac gamers will have to look into an emulator. Also, there’s a lot of live streaming of the devs playing the game, in case you want to see more than its beautiful trailer in action.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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