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Steam drops multiple free downloads you can claim during Summer Sale

Steam drops multiple free downloads you can claim during Summer Sale

It's getting hot in here

The Steam Summer Sale is here, and with it comes some heavily slashed games. However, there’s no need to spend pennies when free downloads are available.

Despite most of what the sale has to offer being subject to some form of cost, however minimal, there are plenty of freebies available as well.

These aren’t PC games, but rather digital items you can collect, such as stickers, collectibles, etc.

Seeing as this is all about Steam, you need to watch the Kimera trailer – it's absolutely darling!

Perhaps that’s not top of your priority list when Elden Ring is only £34.99, but why ignore a Steam freebie just because your eyes are on another prize...?

While ever the sale is active, there is a daily reward to claim.

On the Summer Sale page, the notification about this offer is found just below the ‘Popular Titles’ section; it has a cute beach scene, should you need further help finding it.

Provided you’re already logged in, you just need to click to claim the reward and the download will be yours. Thereafter, a countdown to when the next item is available will show up.

According to Free Steam Games’ Twitter, though, that’s not the only way to grab a goodie or two.

If you visit your ‘Discovery Queue’, you’ll unlock a trading card collectible if you work your way through the suggestions shown. You don’t need to play any of them, just check all the games suggested for you.

Revisit that same section daily to get another card.

Valve’s platform is really delivering the goods this summer – you don’t want to be the only one not enjoying the discounts and free items.

Steam’s Summer Sale will continue until 11 July. We’re already nearing the end of June, so there’s not much time left before we reach the end of the sale.

Make sure to top up on suncream, ice cold beverages, your favourite games, and some freebies, before summer disappears.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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