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Steam free download is perfect for all you Elden Ring lovers

Steam free download is perfect for all you Elden Ring lovers

Elden Ring lovers should check out upcoming 2D boss rush game Perennial Order, inspired by Dark Souls and Princess Mononoke.

With Shadow of the Erdtree on the way, I’m imagining many of you have begun embarking on a fresh Elden Ring playthrough. I know that several members of the GAMINGbible team have done just that. If you are looking for something new with an Elden Ring-esque feel to it though, you may want to check out Perennial Order.

Developed by Gardenfiend Games and set to be published by SOEDESCO, Perennial Order is a 2D soulslike horror-fuelled boss rush game that’ll see you face off against a number of challenging enemies. “Set in an atmospheric Dark Age world plagued by nature-infested horrors, explore a lore-filled and eldritch land alone or with a friend, all in a realistic painterly style,” teases the synopsis. It does indeed boast a lovely art style.

Take a look at Perennial Order in action below.

Of course, Perennial Order isn’t made on the same scale and budget as Elden Ring, nor does it feature the same style of gameplay. That being said, its lore and difficulty should scratch the itch of seasoned Tarnished. The game’s combat utilises twin stick melee controls, and there’s one-hit deaths to contend with. Thankfully though, if you die during a boss encounter, you’ll simply respawn at the beginning of the fight so you don’t waste hours walking back to your location.

Perennial Order actually cites the Dark Souls series and Studio Ghibli’s film Princess Mononoke as two of its biggest sources of inspiration. Adding to the game’s impressiveness, it was crafted by just one artist and one animator. It’s not just boss fights you need to be wary of. Various “unspeakable horrors” roam the game’s lands, but helpful NPCs should fill you in on the lore of this world.

Each boss boasts a musical theme, you can co-op the entirety of the experience, and the game features a minimalist user interface so as to not to interfere with the theming. Perennial Order is expected to land later in 2024 on Steam but in the meantime, you can check out a free demo on the storefront.

Featured Image Credit: SOEDESCO

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