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Steam free download available now for critically acclaimed 2020 game

Steam free download available now for critically acclaimed 2020 game

Moving Out fans can now grab the Movers In Paradise DLC for free on Steam.

Gather around Moving Out fans. You can currently grab the very enjoyable Movers In Paradise DLC for free on Steam - but you need to act quickly.

Moving Out is a co-operative moving sim, if you didn’t know, and it’s heaps of fun. Developed by DevM and SMG Studio, the game features exaggerated physics so while it may appear that you’re given the simple task of moving items from a house to a moving truck, it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. It offers a perfect dose of silly if you’re looking for a couple of hours of stake-free fun. Well, I say stake-free. That wholly depends on how worried you are about dropping a box. It can get tense. If you already own the base game and fancy diving back in, allow me to interest you with the Movers In Paradise DLC which is free on Steam for a limited time.

Take a look at the Movers In Paradise DLC in action below.

You can grab the DLC on Steam for free right now. It states that this is a limited-time promotion, but it doesn’t say exactly when the promotion will run out - not very helpful. With that in mind, I’d act fast if you are interested in nabbing the DLC.

The Movers in Paradise DLC adds an extra 25 tropical-themed levels to the game, allowing players to “discover ridiculous new mechanics, obstacles and enemies”. You can also play as four new tropical movers called Tooki, Gilly, Coco, and Clawdius. You can play as these in both the DLC and the base game.

Unfortunately, if you’re a Moving Out player on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, there are no corresponding giveaways on those storefronts. We’ll be keeping an eye out though on all upcoming freebies.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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