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No Man's Sky meets Lord of the Rings in Steam's latest freebie

No Man's Sky meets Lord of the Rings in Steam's latest freebie

Assume the role of an engineering-savvy dwarf

If you’re a PC user, you’re in for a treat as the latest edition of Steam Next Fest is now underway.

Running from today, 10 June, until 17 June, Steam Next Fest offers developers a chance to showcase their upcoming titles to the masses by way of gameplay livestreams and free playable demos.

There are hundreds of demos to choose from during this limited-time event, but there’s one in particular that I’d like to highlight to you today - and that is the demo for First Dwarf.

First Dwarf will satisfy those of you who enjoy the wide-open exploration of No Man’s Sky, although the dwarf and mech combination is also somewhat what you’d get, I suppose, if Lightyear Frontier and The Lord of the Rings had a baby.

Developed by Star Drifters and set to be released in the coming months, First Dwarf is an “immersive action RPG” that’ll see players assume the role of an engineering-savvy dwarf.

The game tasks you with piloting your own mech, building a base, and exploring the crumbling fantasy world around you.

Take a look at First Dwarf in action below.

The land you inhabit is actually a floating island in the sky by the name of Driftland.

You assume the role of Tru and throughout your adventure, you’ll find out more about Tru’s past - particularly regarding his father.

Alongside this, you’ll build colonies, develop new technologies and weapons, and fight “tainted” enemies.

Best of all, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. You can co-op First Dwarf with a friend in assist mode.

“​​Planet Driftland is no more. A mage war has shattered the globe into floating islands and turned the inhabitants into barbaric tribes. Amongst the desolation, the dwarves alone prevailed, but not for long,” the synopsis teases.

“Resources are running short, and the once great civilisation is breathing its final breaths. In a desperate attempt to secure the future, they send the First Dwarf in a mighty airship to the celestial islands in search of material to save the once powerful dwarven kingdom. Unfortunately, he went missing, failing his quest and disgracing his family.”

“Many years later, you take control of Tru, the new First Dwarf, and Ragna, a scholar dragon that aids the settler with her knowledge. You embark on a mission not only to find better lands for your Clan, but also to restore Tru’s father’s good name and carry on the legacy.”

First Dwarf’s demo is now live over on Steam. The game will enter early access on 19 June, at a cost of £20.99.

Featured Image Credit: Star Drifters

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