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Steam drops multiple free downloads for Stardew Valley fans, no subscription needed

Steam drops multiple free downloads for Stardew Valley fans, no subscription needed

Stardew Valley fans need to check out Steam right now, as the Farm Fest is yielding an impressive haul of discounts and freebies

Steam’s Farming Fest is now underway, providing loads of discounts on games Stardew Valley fans will love, as well as a few freebies too.

I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours gamers have collectively lost to farming/life-sim games, with titles like Stardew Valley, Fae Farm, and even Animal Crossing.

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They’re a different kind of game, accessible to all and plenty of fun, so it’s no wonder why Steam is currently offering huge discounts on them right now via its Farming Fest.

The festival has slashed the price of games like Stardew Valley, the newly released Manor Lords, Lightyear Frontier, and Rusty’s Retirement to name a few, and there are also plenty of demos to sink your teeth into.

Not only that though, there are also three Steam rewards to redeem, no purchase required, as a thank you to the platform’s patrons.

This includes two animated stickers, of a munching cow and a happy chicken respectively, as well as the Farm Fresh avatar frame, which is decorated with various fruits and vegetables.

These are freebies used to make your Steam profile look extra snazzy, and while they’re not as impressive as free games they're nice to have and some users really love collecting them.

In other news, those looking for something new to play that’s not one of the big new releases have plenty of options at the moment.

Take Planet Crafter for example, a game we can only describe as No Man’s Sky meets Starfield which is currently discounted AND can be tried for free via a new game demo.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as there are plenty of games to rummage through on the Steam store, as well as plenty of freebies to treat yourself to.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe/Valve

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