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Steam adds 6 new free games you can download and keep forever

Steam adds 6 new free games you can download and keep forever

Looking for something new to play? Steam has got you covered

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Gaming can be a very expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s possible to game on a budget, and Steam is a great place to go if you’re planning on doing just that.

The storefront is packed with free demos, meaning you can try before you buy to protect your precious pennies.

Alongside that, Steam is also home to plenty of full-length free-to-play delights, six more of which have just landed.

Allow me to debrief you on the newly added Formula Evolution 2024, BattleCore Arena, Hamstörm, Vest A Life, Early Birds, and M.E.T.A.

We’ll kick off with Formula Evolution 2024, an MMO racing game made by solo developer Petr Šimůnek.

You’ll race against 39 other players, gaining experience and credits that reflect your final ranking. These will then be used to purchase upgrades for your vehicle or perhaps eventually, buy an entirely new one.

You’ll begin with a car dating to the 1900s. The goal is that you’ll work up to owning a modern day machine.

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You can also now pick up BattleCore Arena, Ubisoft’s latest launch. In this platform shooter, “gravity mastery is the key to victory”.

“Use your trusted weapons and abilities to eject your opponents out of the arena in style. Glory awaits you, take the plunge,” teases the synopsis.

If turn-based games are more your cup of tea, then you may want to check out Hamstörm.

Developed by Wrestling Rodent Studio, this game sees you play as a dwarf hamster who must warn his people of an incoming invasion by the Chedd’Ore clan.

To do so, the titular Hamstörm will make his way through rat-infested mines.

For you third-person shooter fans, there’s Igasha Co’s Vest A Life.

“The world is finally in an unreturnable condition. War, chemicals, nuclear, global warming, and widespread plastic pollution [have] caused problems that are too late to fix, and now all humanity pays the price for it,” reads the synopsis.

You’ll play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic Phuket.

Guardians of the Sanctree: Early Birds is the next available game. Developed by HuCang Studio, this one’s a part tower defence, part action-adventure game.

Unlike the other titles mentioned on this list, this one is just a prologue so while it does grant you a satisfying standalone experience, the hope is that you’ll eventually move on to playing Guardians of the Sanctree.

“Build your homelands in Sanctree, using resources to craft weapons and equipment to fend off underground insects. Dig deeper to explore new worlds, destroy insect nests, and build new defences to face greater threats,” reads the synopsis.

Finally, we have Heroes Stand Tall: M.E.T.A. This one comes from Stereo Evolution.

In this shooter, “players engage in intense PvP deathmatches, wielding diverse weapons as Heroes. Victory requires strategic prowess and precise aim. Embrace the M.E.T.A, be a hero and stand tall.”

All of the above free games are available to dive into now.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft, Valve

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