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Stardew Valley meets Zelda in adorable upcoming must-play RPG

Stardew Valley meets Zelda in adorable upcoming must-play RPG

This game looks so charming

The Legend of Zelda series and the indie darling Stardew Valley are two of the most charming video game properties of all-time - and if you’re a fan of both, then this game might be your cup of tea.

When The Legend of Zelda was first released for the NES in 1986, it changed the video game landscape forever, especially when it came to the RPG genre. Despite the technical limitations of the console, The Legend of Zelda gave players an incredible sense of adventure with its inspiration still having an impact nearly 40 decades later.

Check out the Under the Island trailer below!

As for Stardew Valley from developer ConcernedApe, this chill farming sim is arguably the best definition of an indie darling that has garnered a legion of loyal fans since its release in 2016. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting its spiritual sequel, Haunted Chocolatier, with its expected arrival set for late 2025.

Of course, it is too early for a new entry in The Legend of Zelda series to arrive anytime soon with Tears of the Kingdom only being released last year for the Nintendo Switch and considering that we have over a year (at least) until Haunted Chocolatier is released, fans of both games will be looking for something fun to help pass the time.

Thankfully, an indie game called Under the Island was just announced this week and it looks to be a delight for fans of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Stardew Valley. Developed by Slime King Games and published by Top Hat Studios, Under the Island looks to be an absolute delight.

“Explore a charmingly 90s fantasy world in this 2D action RPG! Save your island home from sinking, and become a hero in the process,” reads the description of Under the Island. “Encounter monsters, solve puzzles, and unleash the joy of exploration and discovering secrets as you journey through its dangerous and mysterious landscape.”

At the time of writing, Under the Island does not have a release date but hopefully, it might arrive later this year on Steam. What’s more, there is no console release announced for consoles but with a bit of luck that will change in the coming months.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Top Hat Studios

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