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Salad Fingers creator is making a video game

Salad Fingers creator is making a video game

Rusty spoons are yet to be confirmed.

Few things haunted me more as a child than Salad Fingers. Created by talented filmmaker and animator David Firth, the series of animated shorts stars a strange, lanky green man with very long fingers, living out a life of isolation in a desolate, empty world alongside his finger puppets.

There’ve been countless theories over the years which have tried to explain what the deal is with Salad Fingers - some have speculated that the world around the titular character has been wiped out due to a huge war, while some believe he could simply be hallucinating or imagining everything we see on the screen. While trying to work out the truth behind the series’ broken world is intriguing, at the end of the day, it’s just plain creepy.

Take a look at the trailer for the 11th episode of Salad Fingers, ‘Glass Brother’, below.

With that in mind, I initially let out a small ‘Oh no’ when I read that, indeed, Firth has now shifted his focus to game development. Mercifully though, his current project isn't based on Salad Fingers. Speaking to DualShockers, Firth confirmed that he’s making a PC game based on Jerry Jackson, a foul-mouthed teen who dates back to another of his old animated series.

The currently-untitled game is a 2.5D beat-em-up where everything can be broken. “In the school, you can break everything—you can break the vending machine, you can knock the lights off, you can talk to people, bounce around on their heads if you want, or just bop them and they just kind of bleed and fall over,” Firth said. “It just feels nice. It’s kind of crude and unnecessary, but in his world it seems necessary.”

Right now, Firth says that his game is around 15 minutes long, but once he gets it up to at least an hour, he’s going to bring it to Steam, so watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: David Firth via YouTube

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