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Red Dead Redemption fans need to play this Steam shooter, on sale for less than £1

Red Dead Redemption fans need to play this Steam shooter, on sale for less than £1

Red Dead Redemption 2 fans need to play this first-person shooter

If you’re looking for a game like Red Dead Redemption, Steam has some diabolical first-person shooters for you, and they’re practically giving them away.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an undisputed masterpiece. It’s so good that some Rockstar Games fans would probably be happy if the developer skipped GTA VI and moved straight onto Red Dead Redemption 3 instead.

Check out Red Dead Redemption 2 below.

The only thing about Red Dead Redemption 2 is it’s awfully sad, especially the fate of Arthur Morgan which is still catching gamers off guard to this day.

If you’ve recently finished the game and want to play something a bit more upbeat, but still a Western, the Call Of Juarez games might be just what you need, and Steam is practically giving them away.

The very first game, simply titled Call Of Juarez, is currently being sold on Steam for less than a pound/dollar, and while it’s starting to show its age, it’s still a delightfully fun game.

If you want to play something a bit more modern though, you’ll find the entire series is currently discounted on Steam, with arguably the best one being Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

What sets this one apart from the rest is its hilarious narration, with just about every action you do described by the narrator who’s recounting the tale.

Whatever the narrator says comes to be in the game, like what enemies attack you, ways forward appearing in the level and more, and it’s how I’d imagine Dutch would recount the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, with lots of lies and deception.

If any of this sounds of interest to you, run to the Steam store and add some of these games to your library. You can get the series for around £5/$5 so there’s not much harm done if they’re not for you.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Rockstar Games

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