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Pokémon meets Stardew Valley in free to try RPG

Pokémon meets Stardew Valley in free to try RPG

Cuddly critters and JRPG elements

This RPG is an adorable pixel-based adventure reminiscent of some of the genre's classic titles. Created by a two-person team, Alterium Shift is a gorgeous retro-inspired journey through the "living world of Alteria."

Featuring three branching narratives, this indie uses unforgettable characters to create a wonderful story filled with dramatic twists and turns.

It's clear that inspiration for Alterium Shift was taken from the retro Final Fantasy titles.

There's a general sense that Alterium Shift was heavily inspired by some classic RPGs. There's a touch of Pokémon in there, as well as lots of Final Fantasy, Stardew Valley and Dragon Quest.

The pixel graphics are wonderfully intricate and give a real sense of place and personality. Large-scale towns are layered and filled with character viewed from a 2.5D angle similar to recent titles like Octopath Traveler 2. It's clear that a lot of love and heart has been put into development of this title that is currently only available in Early Access but is rated as 'Mostly Positive'.

With three central characters, Pyra, Atlas and Sage, players can experience dynamic and branching storylines that offers a new experience with every playthrough. Turn-based combat is at the core of Alterium Shift with each character able to utilise different abilities to turn the tide of battle. A burst bar can be filled during combat that results in a powerful burst ability to deliver massive damage to your enemies.

There's plenty of looting and minigames that you'd find in those classic RPGs. This, of course, features fishing, because what good RPG doesn't send us out fishing?

If you're a fan of old school RPGs, gorgeous pixel graphics and big turn-based battles, then it's time for you to unravel mysteries in the world of Alteria. The game is due to complete production and release in 2024, but you can play now via Early Access or a demo that is available to all.

Featured Image Credit: Gravity Game Arise Co

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