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New free RPG is currently bigger than Steam's most popular games

New free RPG is currently bigger than Steam's most popular games

Making the most of One Piece hype

Capitalising on the hype of the One Piece Netflix show and the growing popularity of anime, there's a Roblox game with more players than some of the best titles on Steam. Blox Fruits is currently dominating and bringing in thousands of players.

Blox Fruits is an RPG on the Roblox platform that is loosely inspired by the One Piece saga, drawing from the anime in many aspects. The game, at first, feels like an MMO, just like World of Warcraft; there are quest givers standing around within the world and early missions feel like the traditional MMO fodder - go here, kill 20 of these enemies. What comes next is a fun little RPG.

Roblox has recently launched on PlayStation 5.

Blox Fruits does feel very much like a fan made One Piece game; you'll find devil fruits that bestow powers upon your character and the story touches on popular plot points from the show. Of course, all of this is supposed to be a 'loose' inspiration because it's a copyright minefield. This doesn't stop hundreds of thousands of players logging in.

Roblox features over 40 million games and experiences with many of the popular games featuring anime leanings. Blox Fruits currently has around 1.25 million users, while Counter-Strike 2 has approximately 1.2 million users. A lot of this comes from the recent Blox Fruits update for Halloween and the fact that it features pretty prominently on the Roblox home page more often than not.

While many people tend to believe that Roblox only caters to children, a lot of adult gamers, particularly those who consider themselves as casual, can be found playing many of the games. Blox Fruits is one of the deeper experiences on the platform offering gameplay similar to a fully fledged console release which pulls in a lot of people due to its accessibility.

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