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Ghost of Tsushima style action RPG free download available now

Ghost of Tsushima style action RPG free download available now

If you like Ghost of Tsushima then you might also like this free-to-download action RPG

Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima is as beautiful as it is enchanting and it's just one of the reasons why it's considered to be one of the best first-party PlayStation titles in recent years.

Originally released in 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and then the following year on PlayStation 5, Ghost of Tsushima is set in feudal Japan and centres on protagonist Jin Sakai, a deadly and committed samurai who must now question all that he’s been taught if he is to save his people of Tsushima Island from a Mongol invasion led by the brutal warlord, Khotun Khan.

Check out The Wind Road trailer below!

At the time of writing, Ghost of Tsushima hasn't been released on PC. That being said, Sony Interactive Entertainment is often slow when it comes to releasing its console exclusives on the PC platform, so hopefully the Ghost of Tsushima port from Sucker Punch Productions will arrive sooner rather than later.

Until that time may or may not arrive, you can always check out this martial arts game from Chinese studio Gansu Jiayuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd, known as The Wind Road. Released in 2020 for PC via Steam, The Wind Road is an action RPG which looks to be of a similar ilk to that of Ghost of Tsushima and Nioh from Team Ninja.

The Wind Road is an ARPG real-time combat game, constructing a martial arts world based on the ancient Silk Road under the background of a fictional era,” reads the game's description on the Steam store. “The Barbarians of Grey Wolf have invaded the Silk Road for a hundred years! Now they have sent troops to Shazhou with the purpose of capturing the important site of Longyou, threatening the safety of tens of thousands of common people.”

If you want to check out The Wind Road, then there is a free playable demo for you to download via the Steam store. Furthermore, at the time of writing, it’s currently 50% off now being sold at £11.89.

The Wind Road is out now on PC.

Featured Image Credit: Phoenix Games

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