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Fallout meets Rust in this free Steam download

Fallout meets Rust in this free Steam download

Ready to dive into another post-apocalyptic landscape?

The worlds of Fallout and Rust collide in the upcoming post-apocalyptic sandbox title Vein.

Developed by Ramjet Studios, Vein is a multiplayer sandbox game set within a barren and deadly landscape.

“Gather supplies to survive, explore abandoned buildings, combat bandits, defend your home, assist friendly NPCs, and rebuild society with friends,” teases the synopsis.

I can’t exactly tell you how this particular apocalypse came to be, but I can say that Vein’s world is now overrun with zombies.

Anyone who’s ever consumed any kind of zombie media, from The Walking Dead to The Last of Us, knows that these mindless ghouls are often just one part of a much larger array of foes you can face.

From the brutal conditions brought forth by the apocalypse to your fellow survivors who may not be as friendly as you’d hoped, there’s plenty to contend with in Vein.

We sat down with the cast of Fallout to play snog, marry, irradiate.

As the seasons pass in Vein, so too will the game’s world change, providing a new set of environmental conditions that you’ll have to deal with.

“Persistent, long-scale random events affect gameplay,” tease the developers. Consider me intrigued.

“AI can see, hear, feel, and smell you, and react intelligently to those senses. You're being watched. Terrifying zombie variants make survival that much more difficult,” the description adds.

Smell you? Creepy.

You’ll be able to customise the look of your particular survivor and as for the open world, just about everything is classed as interactive.

You can open mailboxes, adjust faucets, knock on doors … whatever your heart desires really.

Of course, you’ll need to build a base if you want to survive so once you’ve finished fiddling around with mailboxes and taps, you’re going to want to find enough supplies to build a homestead.

Hunting, fishing, and growing will all become a part of your daily life as canned goods become scarce.

Vein’s release date hasn’t yet been announced but PC players can gain early access to the title via a free demo that’s available on Steam right now.

Featured Image Credit: Ramjet Studios

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