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Fallout meets Call Of Duty in brutal new free Steam download

Fallout meets Call Of Duty in brutal new free Steam download

This means war

With so many amazing games having already released so far this year, you could be forgiven for having a few fly under your radar. The good news is we're here to point you in the direction of one upcoming game you won't want to miss.

Now that the Amazon Prime Fallout series has launched to glowing reviews, you might well be looking to scratch that apocalyptic itch.

Fortunately, there's a new Steam game on the block that looks like a tense blend of Fallout and Call Of Duty. And you can download it for free!

Take a look at it in action below!

"Road To Vostok is a hardcore single-player survival game set in a post-apocalyptic border zone between Finland and Russia," reads the game's Steam description. "Survive, loot, plan and prepare your way across the Border Zone and enter the Vostok."

Developer Road To Vostok promises "realistic weapon mechanics, advanced survival systems and hostile NPCs," along with "multiple medical conditions, tactical weapon handling, permadeath elements and in-depth character simulation".

It certainly sounds like a lot for an unproven developer to be taking on, and you may well fear another The Day Before situation. However, the very fact we have a playable demo should allay any fears that the developer is trying to pull a fast one.

"The playable game world is made from individual maps, which are unique areas and based on real-world locations," the developer explains.

"These maps are connected to each other and each map has a difficulty rating in terms of NPC-AI. The main idea is that when you travel east and towards Vostok, the game will get harder but the loot will get better."

With random events, plenty of opportunity for loot, and the ever-present threat of dying permanently and losing your progress, Road To Vostok could be the next big survival RPG.

Featured Image Credit: Road To Vostok

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