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The Day Before volunteer dev says everything about the game was a lie

The Day Before volunteer dev says everything about the game was a lie

A The Day Before volunteer developer has said everything about the game was a lie.

One volunteer developer on The Day Before has spoken out against the game, claiming that “everything was a lie”.

The Day Before fallout continues. To bring you up to speed, The Day Before is a game that promised a lot, and delivered very little. Pitched as an open-world post-apocalyptic MMO, akin to The Last of Us, the game was instead a poorly crafted extraction shooter packed to the rafters with bugs, glitches, and shoddy animations. The release product did not match trailers or previous gameplay showcases in any way, shape, or form leading many players to brand the game a scam. It was soon flooded with negative reviews. Fntastic eventually pulled The Day Before from sale, adding that the studio would also be shutting down.

Take a look at The Day Before’s initial announcement trailer below.

Steam is seizing the moment, offering a ‘The Day After’ survival game bundle. If you did purchase The Day Before, you can apply for a refund on Steam regardless of how many hours you’ve spent playing the game. Just how did The Day Before end up in this mess? Well, one volunteer developer has lifted the curtain on some of the behind the scenes chaos.

Taking to Reddit, the dev - who posted online under the username RobWolfB - wrote, “I was their community manager assistant who had the head moderator role on their Discord which should have been a paid position to begin with but I was blinded by them.” The user said they were eventually kicked from the role for “working too slowly”. All volunteers reportedly had to sign an NDA with their personal information and social media platforms.

RobWolfB said volunteers were treated “like c**p” while they also began to notice discrepancies between the trailers and what was being produced. “For every trailer, gameplay, or video in general that was released, we all had our thoughts but nobody wanted to speak against them,” they said. “Turns out, everything was a lie and all I did was for nothing. For all the work I have done, all I received was Propcoins [virtual currency in Fntastic’s game Propnight], some keys, and a thank you. I hope everyone is receiving their money back. I also hope someone will file a lawsuit or something because of all these lies.”

I can’t see this debacle dying down anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Fntastic

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