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$50 free Steam store credit up for grabs now

$50 free Steam store credit up for grabs now

Here's how you can win $50 free Steam store credit

Who wants some free money to spend on the Steam store on whatever video games and DLC that you please? If so, here’s your chance.

There are literally, thousands upon thousands of video games and DLC to choose from on the PC platform, Steam. We know that it’s very unrealistic to buy every piece of content on the Steam platform imaginable, but even when we take into account our video game shopping lists, it can become very costly in more ways than one.

Check out the Time Survivors trailer below!

So, if we have an opportunity to strike at least one highly anticipated game off our ever-expanding shopping list, it's an opportunity that’s worth taking especially when it comes with the prospect of free money. Right now, the Twitter account ‘Free Steam Games’ is running a promotion in which you have an opportunity to win $50 store credit to spend on Steam.

The competition in question is in collaboration with indie developer Lunar Chili to promote the upcoming retro-inspired roguelike, Time Survivors. “The Most Historically Inaccurate Roguelike Ever Made. Slay hordes of minions as Lincoln, Tesla, Cleopatra and other historic heroes with unique abilities! Fight through various historical eras, collect resources, and unlock and enhance gameplay through a deep skill-tree meta-progression,” reads the description on the dedicated Steam store page.

Judging by the gameplay trailer, Time Survivors looks to be very inspired by the brilliant Vampire Survivors by Poncle, and I’m not just talking about the name comparison. Whichever way you look at the inspiration of Time Survivors, hopefully, it will be a good thing.

To be in with a chance of winning the free $50 Steam store credit as instructed by the competition tweet, you need to follow ‘Free Steam Games’ and the Time Survivors Twitter pages, wishlist the game on Steam, tag a friend and smash retweet. The competition ends on Monday 8 January 2024. Good luck!

Time Survivors will be released for PC on 15 January 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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