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$300 worth of Steam games currently available for next to nothing

$300 worth of Steam games currently available for next to nothing

That's a lot of Steam games

Charity bundles are a brilliant way to add games to your collection while also supporting a worthwhile cause. There are several outlets that set up these offers, one of which is Fanatical, a PC game retailer.

Their latest charity bundle benefits the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and brings together 16 great games for next to nothing.

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Included in the bundle are the likes of Hoa, a very cute action adventure with visuals inspired by dreamy animation such as Studio Ghibli; You can also find Descenders, a cycling game with random environments to test your skills.

It’s a pretty family-friendly bundle, as you’d imagine when benefitting children, so there’s a real mix of things to play.

Indie racing game, Minit Fun Racer is also included, as well as a Baby Shark title, and some light puzzling adventures in The Last Campfire and Snake Pass.

To score these 16 games you need to donate a minimum of £6.99, though of course you can give more if you choose to, and these games will be yours to keep forever.

In a nice touch, each game in the bundle links to Steam, where you’ll redeem your key, it also tells you if the game is playable or verified on Steam Deck.

If you’re after some action and adventure, you can also find Little Orpheus and Transformers: Earthspark - Expedition included in this bundle, both of which offer hours of great gameplay.

Not only are you getting a collection of great games for you and the family, but you can also know that your money is going towards keeping children safe.

The NSPCC charity has operated for decades, protecting children from abuse and helping them to rebuild their lives after traumatic events. They strive to end child abuse and protect those in danger.

Featured Image Credit: PM Studios, Inc., CE-Asia, Valve

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