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25 free Steam games you can download and keep now, no subscription required

25 free Steam games you can download and keep now, no subscription required

Steam has some free games for you to play

Steam always seems to have some free games to play. It’s a smorgasbord of games to download and keep forever.

No matter what genre you fancy playing, Steam has something for you to add to your library. There are currently a fair few we’ve got our eyes on.

You can play Palia for free on Steam right now

  • Project Apidom - An extraction RPG to join the leagues of others popping up recently.
  • Firestone - An idle RPG for those who don’t like pressing buttons too often.
  • Veiled Tales - Making decisions is a big part of this adventure game set in the mountains.
  • AX: Portal Slayers - Sounds like a guitar game, is actually a free-to-play shooter with lots of axes.
  • Atman: Rebel Flame - Putting some cyberpunk into your deck-building game with some multiplayer battles thrown in.
  • Speedway Challenge 2024 - If you were thinking dirtbikes, you’d be right. Speedway and bikes for your racing thrills.
  • Deceit 2 - This is one of those social dedication games for if you have friends. Which I do not. But the game looks great.
  • Battle Room Beta - This shooter takes fighting to oversize rooms or is for tiny people. Bet Napoleon would have loved this one.
  • Palia - A free-to-play crafting and building game with buckets of charms. Looks a bit fantastical and full of whimsy. Who doesn’t love whimsy?
  • Merk Mayhem - This “semi-futuristic” shooter is a simple affair of blasting each other to bits with dynamic weapons and abilities.
  • Space Hat - “In this futuristic sci-fi world, the player assumes the role of a cyber bounty hunter equipped with a special hat that grants the power of teleportation.” Says it all, really.
  • GOT Simulator - I honestly have no idea what this is. There’s something about growing your hair and destroying buildings. Cool, I guess.
  • Forest Ranger Simulator - Do you want to protect forests? This one is for you.
  • Metal Beans - 3D arcadey adventure game that’s colourful and cutesy.

We always have a great selection of free games for you to check out. Fill your boots, and your Steam library, now.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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