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Star Wars Outlaws is Uncharted in space, and I’m here for it

Star Wars Outlaws is Uncharted in space, and I’m here for it

Star Wars Outlaws has major Uncharted vibes, with a bit of Assassin's Creed for good measure

Star Wars Outlaws delivers an experience comparable to Uncharted, with a healthy dose of Assassin’s Creed for a unique Star Wars experience.

The Star Wars video games have become just as popular as the films they’re based on, with Star Wars Outlaws being a highly-anticipated title that promises to give players a true taste of the scoundrel life.

Check out the most recent trailer for Star Wars Outlaws below

Following the new protagonist Kay Vess, the game centres around Kay looking to pull off the biggest heist the galaxy has ever seen, and finally live a life of freedom and peace away from the crime syndicates and the Imperials.

During my hands-on session with the game at Summer Game Fest, I was treated to three missions, each showcasing a core part of Star Wars Outlaws’ gameplay.

The first was escaping and evading The Empire, who almost act as the police in the Grand Theft Auto games. Triggering a conflict will see Kay pursued by stormtroopers, and after a quick escape from oncoming Tie Fighters I had to clear my wanted-level in order to progress to the planet I was travelling to.

Flying the starship felt fantastic, with full control given to the player to pull off some wild manoeuvres that’d even impress Han Solo with their daringness. When it comes time to touch down on a planet’s surface, the player is treated to a seamless animation of flying through the planet’s atmosphere before getting out of your space craft, no loading screens to break up the gameplay.

Another mission showed off Kay’s skills as a scoundrel, as she explores a derelict cruiser with her grappling hook, flashlight and other gadgets, all while the scenery crumbles and shifts around her. This ended with a high-stakes escape from a pursuing bounty hunter, as well as the introduction to, in my opinion, the game’s best character.

The final mission I played was a stealth and action segment that felt like it was straight out of Uncharted. Sneaking around a complex filled with guards, stealing a priceless relic and blasting my way out of there was all good fun.

I was blown away by Star Wars Outlaws, not just from the gorgeous environments or the exhilarating gameplay, but because it’s a game that’s clearly found its own identity without the need for a convoluted Force plot or epic lightsaber battles.

Star Wars Outlaws will release for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC on 30 August later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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