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Red Dead Redemption player uncovers rare Arthur Morgan reference in original game

Red Dead Redemption player uncovers rare Arthur Morgan reference in original game

Arthur was there right from the start, we just didn't realise

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan is beloved, chiefly because of the second game, but has he been lurking in the shadows since the beginning?

Fans believe they’ve uncovered a reference to Morgan from Red Dead Redemption. It’s a subtle detail, easily missed, which is likely why few others have picked up on it.

This isn’t quite the grim secret that other fans have recently picked up on but rather a more poignant reminder that John always held Arthur’s memory close after the tragic events of RDR2.

Red Dead Redemption is still a sublime game. Remind yourselves how much by checking out the trailer below

In the clip shared on YouTube by Indo-J, John Marston is sat next to Miss MacFarlene while travelling, discussing where life has both led them; for Miss MacFarlene, it isn’t far.

From there, John remarks, “If you ask me, it usually takes more strength to stay than to run.” The video then jump cuts to the scene where Arthur tells John to leave him behind because only one of them will make it.

If you watch these scenes individually, you wouldn’t necessarily pick up on the reference. However, when placed together, it does seem like John is referring to Arthur in his chat during RDR.

Fans haven’t torn down or agreed with the OP, merely reminisced about how “sad” and “beautiful” the finale to RDR2 was (and still is).

As for whether John is referring to Arthur, one fan said, “I kinda ‘like’ that he’s [Arthur] never mentioned. It makes it more painful, to know that he’s basically ‘forgotten’ by John, or that he [John] doesn’t want to relieve those memories cause they’re too strong [...] Makes the legend more hurtful.”

Only Rockstar Games knows for sure if the scene between John and Miss MacFarlene makes mention of Arthur, however subtly.

Still, the “evidence” put forward by the OP is mighty compelling; even if untrue, it’s a fan theory we like.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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