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Red Dead Redemption 3 already has the perfect lead character

Red Dead Redemption 3 already has the perfect lead character

Is the right character for the next Red Dead right under our noses?

Red Dead Redemption fans believe the next game already has the ideal lead character, and it’s someone who we’re already familiar with.

No, they don’t want to bring back Arthur or John, but instead feel that Landon Ricketts is an obvious choice for the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 3. Ricketts, who appears throughout the events of Red Dead Redemption, has an enigmatic quality about them, especially pertaining to his past.

This is what fans hope Rockstar Games will explore... should it deem Ricketts the right candidate for the lead in their next instalment.

“I think it sounds pretty cool [using Ricketts as the lead character], they [Rockstar] can continue the themes of myth, history and reality,” agrees a fellow fan, before adding that Rickets is a “much cooler” idea than others already suggested.

Others, however, want to see the series do a “complete 180”; introducing new characters and/or focusing on revenge rather than redemption. “No more redemption and hope,” joked one Redditor. “Only rage and hatred.”

Whatever comes next, fans agree that there needs to be “distance” from the “Vanderlinde saga”. Consequently, Ricketts would make a prime choice for lead. “Playing as a young Landon Ricketts would be perfect for that. All we know about him is he was a famous gunslinger [...] But he would be just connected enough to get people's attention because he's a fan favourite from the first game.”

You're an outlaw for life when you play Red Dead Redemption 2

The possibilities are many with where the franchise goes next. Still, while something fresh is welcomed, fans also want a connection to previous outings to draw them back in. Ricketts seems like a fine choice, but Jack Marston could also work well, although it would take the narrative much further into the future.

Whoever does lead the next RDR, though, has large boots to fill – Arthur Morgan is hailed as the greatest protagonist of the series, after all.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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